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Samsung Phones Outlet
Samsung Phones Outlet Samsung Phones Outlet
For Samsung Phones Outlet GALAXY S models super power-saving, this function has been feel super power-saving mode is to turn the screen into black and white and double color way, reduce the power consumption of the screen, so no special attention to it. While the Samsung Phones S5 super power-saving mode, first, change color interface to black, white dichromatic, familiar with Samsung mobile phone's friends know, Samsung the material in the display black screen use the save electricity, ICONS and text white area is very small, so the power consumption is not high. In the Samsung Phones Outlet, we can come into contact with the super power saving function has been called at 10% capacity open super power saving function, can also keep the Samsung mobile phone can continue to use the 24 hours, it is naturally I think is a kind of marketing, no particular in mind, since bought unicom version of the Samsung GALAXY S models, close contact with super power-saving mode for the first time, let I fell in love with this feature.
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